National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Children’s Dental Health Month
Posted on 02/19/2015

Every February The American Dental Association promotes their annual children’s dental health month to raise awareness and provides fun education on the importance and benefit of healthy oral care. This event brings together all dental professionals, educators, and health care professionals to be creative and make learning fun. They actively conduct programs promoting their 2015 motto “Defeat Monster Mouth”, to reach children and families everywhere.

Malone Orthodontics Supports You!

Here at Malone Orthodontics we are proud to support National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dr. Jackie Malone is happy to provide your family with exceptional orthodontics in Alpharetta and Milton, GA. Whether you have clear braces or Invisalign Dr. Malone recommends having a balanced diet along with daily brushing habits of 2 minutes 2 times a day and flossing daily for the best dental care. Your teeth and gums will thank you for taking care of them and keeping them healthy forever. We know that it is important to develop healthy habits at a young age. We offer top quality early treatment and kids’ braces to help your family stay on track for a healthy mouth.

Celebrate With Malone Orthodontics

Our office recommends visits twice a year for simple checkups to keep those pearly whites shining bright. Please join us in celebrating and promoting healthy living and let’s all “Defeat Monster Mouth” together. Everyone at Malone Orthodontics is happy to serve families in Alpharetta and Milton, GA. Please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to any one of our friendly team membersabout our services or with any questions you may have. You are our number 1 priority!