SHE IS A PERFECTIONIST!!!! Dr. Malone treats your teeth as if they were her own in my opinion- There is no rushing you in and out -she stands behind her work and is very proud of it- I liken her to an artist as well- I say that because she has sculpted Marlo a new face which in our three year relationship has literally boosted my self-esteem tenfold!! I am so used to covering my mouth when I smile- now I am going to have to show off what used to cause pain. I say three year relationship because that is exactly what it is. I developed a wonderful patient doctor relationship with her and her beautiful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. It is bittersweet that this relationship has to end but now a friendship will begin- I will forever be grateful to Dr. Malone for not just being my orthodontist, but for being a caring warm human being who didn't try to rush me in and out of my appointments and who stayed committed to seeing my treatment through from beginning to end- I am grateful for the perks of being a patient too- I can't lie! When you walk into her office you are greeted by some of the best people you will ever meet- a BEAUTIFUL relaxing living room- more like a living room than a waiting room- and a beverage station where you can brew up some latte whatever! Her office makes me want to come home and re-decorate and at times I wish I was a kid so I could creep into the cool little den she has carved out in the living room with movies playing. She has a patio where you can relax with nature- yep I am tempted to stay a little while longer - just long enough to do the patio and s’mores thing when it gets real chilly- I can almost see her doing that- she is always coming up with something fun for her patients and families alike- this is definitely more than an orthodontist visit - it is an experience you and your teeth won't regret- Oh yeah I should also note she was my daughters orthodontist as you can see by picture- Karly always gets the thumbs up when a general dentist comes in contact with her- Also My dentist- many moons ago when Dr. Malone placed me in the braces- anyway he asked who put them on because she did a beautiful job and his wife had them too- I thought how can he say that? Three years later- I see what he saw- a beautiful smile- Thank you Dr. Malone, Jocelyn, Sierra, Sasha and Stacy!!!!!!! God bless!

By: Marlo Ren, Rating: 5 Stars

"THANK YOU, Dr. Malone for giving my son a terrific smile!!! You and your staff are the BEST!!!!" ~ Cheryl C.

"There is no one like Dr. Malone and her staff! We aren't just patients, we are family." ~ Vicki G.

"If anyone in your family needs braces, there's only one orthodontist you should consider, and it's Dr. Jacqueline Malone! She's the best!!" ~ Kevin B.

"My daughter, Giana, just got her braces off and LOVES her new smile. Dr. Malone is an awesome orthodontist and is fabulous with the kids. She even recorded my daughter singing the day she got her braces off to celebrate the moment. How fun!!! My son is next so I know we will be back for another couple years." ~ Cathy F.

"Dr. Jackie (as my kids call her) put braces on my son, Nick, when we were still living in the Atlanta area many years ago. Because of the timing of his treatment (a bit earlier than most as his adult teeth were coming in early), he never required further orthodontic treatment during his teenage years. Over the years at dental appointments, his current dentist has remarked that he has no recommendation for orthodontic care as Nick's teeth are already straight! I believe that Dr. Malone tailors treatment according to the needs of the individual person's needs. She's awesome... we love her!" ~ Melinda A.

"Dear Dr. Malone, Thank you so much for explaining good dental hygiene to the Fulton Sunshine Academy students during the Health Fair Day. You saw over 550 students, ages 6 to 11, and I believe reached all of them with your fun and educational presentation. It is business partners like you that make our school great." ~ Amy P.