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Do Your Kids Get It When It Comes To Money?


We understand that those conversations are hard – particularly when money is tight. But you can simplify the task by taking advantage of online resources like Wells Fargo Hands on Banking® financial education program. This fun, free user-friendly online program can help you and your children (any age) take charge of your financial future. The program is available in English and Spanish and contains no product promotions or commercial content – just valuable information presented in an interactive, easy-to-use format.

Sign on at to start learning today.


Here are a few additional suggestions to help you prepare your children for financial success:


  • Include children in discussions about family finances to help them learn how you work toward financial goals.
  • Let children spend some money on their own to learn about making choices.
  • Make it easy for children to start saving by giving money in increments; for example, giving five $1 bills instead of one $5 bill.
  • Encourage children to share by learning about charities or buying small gifts with their own money.
  • Begin a family plan for saving for college.